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EcoIQ Magazine is an online journal which includes features, opinion, news and events, resources, and reviews of interest to those working on urban greening issues.

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Tree Cover Drops - Loss Costs DC Millions (Spring 2000)

Washington DC has experienced a dramatic loss of tree cover since 1973, including a 64 percent decline in the most ecologically valuable areas with heavy tree cover, according to a new report by the national conservation group American Forests.

Livability and Community Renewal (Winter 2000)
By Congressman Earl Blumenauer

Recently (on the Charlie Rose show) Bette Midler was asked what she would do if she had an opportunity to start her career anew. What would she choose if she weren’t an entertainer? And without missing a beat, she said she would be an urban planner.

Big Economic Benefits From Open Space (Summer 1999)

Parks and the conservation of natural and agricultural lands contribute billions of dollars every year to local economies across the nation, according to a new report by the Trust for Public Land.

Sprawl Causes Costly Tree Loss (Spring 1999)

A new study by the national conservation group American Forests documents a dramatic loss of tree cover in the southeast portion of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, including the greater Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.

Earth Day 2000: Launch of the Earth Day Network (Winter 1999)
By Denis Hayes

Earth Day Network will use cutting-edge information technology and traditional grassroots organizing to enlist half a billion people around the world to challenge the power of vested interests and protect the public interest.

Dissatisfaction Guaranteed (Spring 2001)
By Dave Wann

It's like going into a room and forgetting what you came for, except in this case it's the whole culture, forgetting. We forget to ask, "What's an economy for?" En route to a brand new American millennium, we got detoured. Price tags and bar codes began to coat the surfaces of our lives, as every single activity became a transaction. Eating, entertainment, socializing, health, even religion - all became marketable commodities.

Promise Ahead: A Vision of Hope and Action for Humanity’s Future (Summer 2000)
By Duane Elgin

How grown up do you think humanity is? When you look at human behavior around the world and then imagine our species as one individual, how old would that person be? A toddler? A teenager? A young adult? An elder?

Damn the Torpedoes & Torpedo the Dams (Spring 2000)
By Robert Caughlan

Four hundred miles of California’s fabulous beaches are starving for sand, but surfers and other beach lovers have the muscle to bring them back. We know why they’re starving and shrinking, and we know how to rescue them.

Urban Living in the New Millennium (Winter, 1999)
By Jerry T. Estruth

The leaders of our cities are struggling to build transportation systems and to create communities that are livable and provide an environment friendly to people and animals. Slowly, awareness is growing and methods are being developed to enable us to build self-sufficient places to live in the future.

Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization (2009)
By Lester Brown

In this updated edition of the landmark Plan B, Lester Brown outlines a survival strategy for our early twenty-first-century civilization. The scale and complexity of issues facing our fast-forward world have no precedent. With Plan A, business as usual, we have neglected these issues. In Plan B 3.0, Brown warns that the only effective response now is a World War II-type mobilization like that in the United States after the attack on Pearl Harbor. More…

Farm-Fresh Ideas (Spring 2002)
Building An Economy for the Earth (Spring 2002)
Wetlands Organizing Tools Online (Spring 2002)
Sediment and Erosion Control Best Practices (Spring 2002)

Urban Waterways Restoration Video (Winter 2002)

Ecologically Sound Lawn Care (Summer 2001)

Gardens in the Sky (Spring 2001)
Whole Systems Green Building Guide Online (Spring 2001)

One Click Green Lobbying (Fall 2000)
Watershed Case Studies & Initiatives Directory (Fall 2000)

Urban Waterways Restoration Video (Summer 2000)

Sustainable Lakes Workbook (Spring 2000)

Smart Growth News (Winter 2000)

Summary of Open-Space Ballot Measures (Summer 1999)
Bring Back Our Neighborhoods (Summer 1999)

Cities On The Rebound (Winter 1999)
Design Charrette For Sustainable Urban Landscapes (Winter 1999)
1999 National Green Pages Released (Winter 1999)

Non-Profit Gateway Opens (Fall 1998)

News Feeds & Summaries (2014)

Includes news feeds from the Environmental News Service and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Also links to the complete News & Events archive. More…

New Greenways Plan Proposed for Kansas City Region (Spring 2002)

Hot Nights, Summer In The City (Winter 2002)

Institute Launched To Help Build Eco-Economy (Summer 2001)
New "Pacific Program" From Land Trust Alliance (Summer 2001)

Growth-Related Votes Reflect Complexity (Winter 2001)

"Father" Of Permaculture To Teach (Fall 2000)
Deciding Our Water Future (Fall 2000)

Gore Livable Communities Initiative (Summer 2000)
Land Protection Conference Planned (Summer 2000)

Conserving Our Past -- Developing Our Future (Spring 2000)
Advancing the Land Conservation Debate (Spring 2000)

Gore Reports Farmland Conversion Doubles (Winter 2000)
States Ineffective In Cutting Sprawl (Winter 2000)

Recycling Our Land (Fall 1999)

Growth Projected For Landscape Architects (Summer 1999)

Support For White House Proposals (Spring 1999)

Bikeway Paved With Recycled Tires (Winter 1999)
Federal Initiatives To Help Communities (Winter 1999)
Pew Seeks 50 Problem-Solving Communities (Winter 1999)

Terrain: Journal On Built & Natural Environ. (Fall 1998)

Resources For Promoting Sustainability (2014)

Includes resources for conference and campus activity planners, for authors and environmental journalists, for educators, for nonprofit leaders and organizations, and for political leaders and green advocates. More…

National Charrette Institute Launched (Spring 2002)
Greenways Grants Available (Spring 2002)

Pennsylvania Is "Growing Greener" (Winter 2002)
Protecting "Aquatic Ribbons Of Life" (Winter 2002)

Tree-Planting Grants (Summer 2001)
Sustainable Forestry & Forest Dependent Communities (Summer 2001)
Aquatic Habitat Funding For Great Lakes (Summer 2001)
Florida Forever Program Grants (Summer 2001)
"Green Acres" Funding In New Jersey (Summer 2001)

Grants To Strengthen Conservation Organizations (Spring 2001)
Water Protection and Conservation Grants (Spring 2001)
Virginia Endowment Funds Waterway Stewardship (Spring 2001)

Protecting "Aquatic Ribbons Of Life" (Winter 2001)
Natural Heritage Preservation Funding (Winter 2001)
Pennsylvania Is "Growing Greener" (Winter 2001)
Envisioning Partnerships for a Sustainable Future (Winter 2001)
Parks & Open Space Investment (Winter 2001)

Wetlands Ecosystem Conservation Funding (Fall 2000)
Seeds For Education (Fall 2000)
Community Greenspace Preservation Grants (Fall 2000)

Last Chance Landscapes (Spring 2000)

Greenways Grants For Minnesota (Winter 2000)

Millennium Groves (Fall 1999)

Help From The Trust for Public Land (Summer 1999)
Open Space Planning Resources (Summer 1999)

Free Seminar Offers Introduction To GIS (Spring 1999)
Conferences To Prepare Design Professionals To Bid (Spring 1999)
Trees Clean Up Pollutants & Save Money (Spring 1999)
Businesses Can Pay Back Their "Carbon Debt" (Spring 1999)

Free Compost, Mulch Video Available (Winter 1999)
Practical Waste Reduction Catalogue Available (Winter 1999)
Discussion Guides On Sustainability Available (Winter 1999)

Wetlands Creation, Restoration Guide Online (Fall 1998)

Conference & Campus Speakers On
Living Urban Environment Here >>

Urban Greening Home | Magazine On Urban Greening
Directories For Urban Greening

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