The Decade Ahead

EcoIQ is divided into three sections. First, there are suggestions and resources focused on making a progressive political impact between now (early 2021) and the 2022 mid-term elections – Make A Difference Now. After that, Success In The 2020s examines what strategic direction is most likely to get the results we need as we move through the decade. Finally, From the Editor lets you know, if you wish, who's behind EcoIQ. It also contains reflections on the transformational thinking that will be required to achieve success in the 2020s.

Make A Difference Now

Now that Democrats hold the Senate majority, our attention must turn quickly to the 2022 mid-term elections. The conventional wisdom, and the pattern of our recent elections, must not hold. Often, first-term presidents loose support in the mid-term elections. Democrats looking forward, on the other hand, must gain strength in both the Senate and the House if we hope to make Biden a successful President. More >>

Success In The 2020s

Our path to the successful implementation of President-Elect Biden's agenda now requires us to make big gains in the 2022 midterm elections. This will require coping with what for some of us may seem to be a difficult contradiction: we need to continue to decisively defeat Republicans in elections while at the same time we need to reconcile with conservatives. Without reconciliation with conservatives, sufficient and lasting progress on the biggest issues we face will continue to elude us. At the same time, unless we decisively defeat Republican candidates (and everything today's Republican Party has come to stand for), progress will not be possible.

There is no contradiction. The Republican Party is no longer conservative. Democrats need to hold to account those who have betrayed our country, our democracy, and their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution. We cannot reconcile with such people, or generally with political factions whose fundamental modus operandi is to lie and whose leaders have a near total inability to practice politics in good faith. We must all hope for the re-birth of a conservative party that functions in good faith, but until then, our success depends on a clear-eyed recognition that today's Republican Party is the enemy of all that we hold dear, of all that we must protect if our children are to have a decent future. More >>

From The Editor

This section lets you learn, if you wish, who's behind EcoIQ. It also provides access to several collections of articles, including a new special section that offers reflections on the transformational thinking and heightened self-understanding that will be required to achieve success in the 2020s. More >>

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