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Land Use

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At Roads End
By Daniel Carlson, et al. Presents new models for transportation planning, describes strategies for resolving disputes, and demonstrates that new ways of planning and implementing transportation systems can work. More…

Coastal Waters of the World
By Don Hinrichsen. A comprehensive reference source on the state of the world's coastal areas. It focuses on the tremendous pressures facing coastal areas and the management strategies needed to cope with them. More…

Collaborative Planning for Wetlands and Wildlife
Edited by Douglas R. Porter & David A. Salvesen. Proposes guidelines for more effective planning, and presents case studies that demonstrate how different communities have creatively reconciled conflicts. More…

Complete Guide to Environmental Careers in the 21st Century
By the Environmental Careers Organization. Organized for ease of use and fully updated, it is the most comprehensive and reliable resource available for information about environmental career opportunities. More…

Creating Successful Communities
By Michael A. Mantell, et al. Developed for civic activists, policymakers, and planners, Creating Successful Communities gives guidelines for developing workable action plans for restoring distinctiveness and livability to communities. More…

Curious Naturalist
By Jennifer G. Ackerman. In tours of North American ecosystems - from backyards to woodlands, from grasslands to sandy shores - renowned naturalists and photographers show how to understand these systems. More…

Deep Design
By David Wann. Explores a new way of thinking about design, one that asks "What is our ultimate goal?" before the first step has been taken. "Deep designs" meet the criteria of renewability, recyclability, and nontoxicity. More… | David Wann EcoSpeakers Info >>

Disasters and Democracy
By Rutherford H. Platt. Focuses on the changing role of the federal government. Details steps that could be taken to eliminate the disincentives that have stifled local government efforts to create disaster-resistant communities. More…

Ecological Diversity in Sustainable Development: The Vital and Forgotten Dimension
By Chris Maser. Apart from the beauty diversity brings to our lives, it is also absolutely necessary to the sustainability of life itself. Planners tend to ignore ecological diversity because they don't understand it. This book tackles the problems of how we can maintain sustainable diversity in both the Earth's ecosystems and in our cultural systems. More… | Chris Maser EcoSpeakers Info >>

Environmental Justice
By Bunyan Bryant. Leading thinkers of the environmental justice movement look at the failure of "top down" public policy. Provides a startling look at social and environmental problems and charts a course for action. More…

Evaluating Sustainable Development: Giving People a Voice in Their Destiny
By Chris Maser. Presents principles and tools for participatory evaluation of sustainable development. Participatory evaluation empowers anyone impacted by a proposal to determine both what is to be evaluated and how it is to be evaluated. Acknowledging that the specific concepts, challenges, opportunities, and circumstances surrounding sustainable development differ significantly from one place or group to another, the book provides an adaptable framework for developing an evaluation plan as well as the tools for collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data. More… | Chris Maser EcoSpeakers Info >>

House Styles in America
By James C. Massey & Shirley Maxwell. This original approach to historic preservation features sketches of American house styles from 1650 to 1950, plus directions for estimating age and deciphering history. More…

Land-Use Planning for Sustainable Development
By Chris Maser. Reviews current land use practices from historical, constitutional, economic, ecological, and societal perspectives. Analyzes the results of these practices and suggests alternative methods for guiding, directing, and controlling the ways in which we modify the landscape. More... | Chris Maser EcoSpeakers Info >>

Making a Living While Making a Difference
By Melissa Everett. As business and society continue to place greater emphasis on social and environmental responsibility, opportunities for career-seekers with a conscience have never been better. More… | Melissa Everett EcoSpeakers Info >>

Recycled as Restaurants
By Virginia Croft. Adaptive reuse is one of the strongest trends in architecture. Recycled as Restaurants features case studies and color photographs showing the beauty of spaces "recycled as restaurants." More…

Reinventing Community: Stories from the Walkways of Cohousing
By David Wann. Describes life in cohousing from the perspective of people who actually live in these communities. Includes accounts of the difficulties encountered during development and relates insights on living and growing with cohousing. More… | David Wann EcoSpeakers Info >>

Reuniting Economy and Ecology in Sustainable Development
By Chris Maser. Explains why dividing ecology and economy conceptually will destroy society as we know it. The link between economics and ecology and the immense potential of that connection to influence the process of change within communities is the focus of this book. More… | Chris Maser EcoSpeakers Info >>

Saving Cities Saving Money
By John Hart. Cities and towns, large and small, can extend resources, improve environmental quality, and save money all at the same time. More…

Sprawl Kills: How Blandburbs Steal Your Time, Health And Money
By Joel Hirschhorn. About urban sprawl, land use, suburbia, automobile addiction, active living, the sprawl industry, the sprawl lobby, and the healthy places alternative to sprawl to improve your quality of life and physical and mental health. More...

Street Reclaiming
By David Engwicht. Provides a step-by-step process to reclaim streets, starting with a six-week program to reduce traffic by 30 to 50 percent. An excellent resource for both community activists and planners. More…

Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods
By Dan Chiras and David Wann. Practical ideas for creating more socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable neighborhoods. Traces the history of the suburbs, showing how they fail to meet many peoples' needs. Then describes how existing neighborhoods can be transformed, offering cohousing and new urbanist communities as examples. Cases from all over North America and beyond provide real-life proof that citizen planners can create Superbia! Comprehensive resource listing puts tools at your fingertips. More… | Dan Chiras EcoSpeakers Info >> | David Wann EcoSpeakers Info >>

Toward Sustainable Communities
By Mark Roseland. Offers suggestions and innovative solutions to municipal and community problems. Covers air quality, transportation, energy, land use, housing, and economic and community development. More…

Vision and Leadership in Sustainable Development
By Chris Maser. Explores the seldom-considered philosophical basis behind the models and methods of leadership, pointing the way to the essential qualities it takes to establish a shared vision of community life. This book explores numerous issues and considerations to cultivate well-rounded leadership and provide a more substantive blueprint for local activism. More… | Chris Maser EcoSpeakers Info >>

Voluntary Simplicity
By Duane Elgin. When Voluntary Simplicity was first published in 1981, it quickly became recognized as a powerful and visionary work in the emerging dialogue over sustainable ways of living. More… | Duane Elgin EcoSpeakers Info >>

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