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Agora Borealis: Engaging in Sustainable Architecture
By Vivian Manasc. A look at the world of sustainable architecture. Includes case studies and also stories of a team, its challenges and triumphs, as it works to create sustainable buildings. Color images, black and white photography, sketches and quotes. More... | Vivian Manasc EcoSpeakers Info >>

Cities in Our Future
Edited by Robert Geddes. Urban planners, architects, urban designers, and other experts from across North America examine the impact of growth and form on the ability of a city to achieve and maintain social equity and environmental health. More…

Developing Green: Strategies for Success
By Jerry Yudelson. Green building and development is a major industry trend. This book helps in understanding how to build a business case and take advantage of tenants' and owners' interest in green development. It includes insider tips to approaching the LEED rating system strategically. More... | Jerry Yudelson EcoSpeakers Info >>

Earth-Sheltered Houses: How to Build an Affordable Underground Home
By Rob Roy. A practical guide for those who want to build their own underground home at moderate cost. It describes the benefits of sheltering a home with earth, including the added comfort and energy efficiency from the moderating influence of the earth on the home's temperature, low maintenance, and protection against fire, sound, earthquake and storm. More… | Rob Roy EcoSpeakers Info >>

Forest Certification in Sustainable Development: Healing the Landscape
By Chris Maser. Highlights the history, importance, and rewards of forest certification. Discusses the issues involved in mainstream forestry as it is currently practiced, and what can be done to create sustainable forestry. More… | Chris Maser EcoSpeakers Info >>

Frontiers of Sustainability
By Roger Dower, Daryl Ditz, et al. A concrete plan for achieving sustainable development in the United States. A technologically feasible vision of the future in which the unwanted trends we see unfolding now are reversed. More…

Greed to Green: the Transformation of an Industry and a Life
By David Gottfried. One man's journey, from greedy real estate developer to a founder of the green building movement. Gottfried transformed not only his life, but also the world. More... | David Gottfried EcoSpeakers Info >>

Green Building A to Z: Understanding the Language of Green Building
By Jerry Yudelson. An informative, technically accurate and highly visual guide to green building. It outlines the benefits and costs of green buildings and discusses issues such as enhancing water conservation, reducing energy use, and creating a conservation economy. More than just a reference, this book emphasizes the importance of green buildings and green developments for a sustainable future. It will be an invaluable resource for businesspeople, homeowners, product manufacturers, developers, building industry professionals and government officials. More… | Jerry Yudelson EcoSpeakers Info >>

The Green Building Revolution
By Jerry Yudelson. Introduces the basics of green building and the projects and people that are advancing it. Shows both why and how to start thinking about designing, building, and operating high performance, environmentally aware buildings on conventional budgets. Outlines the broader "journey to sustainability" influenced by the green building revolution and provides a solid business case for accelerating this trend. Illustrated with more than 50 photos, tables, and charts, and filled with timely information, the definitive description of a major movement that's poised to transform our world. More… | Jerry Yudelson EcoSpeakers Info >>

Green Urbanism
By Timothy Beatley. Explains what planners and local officials in the United States can learn from the sustainable city movement in Europe. Examines the progress and policies of twenty-five of the most innovative cities. More…

The Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy
By Dan Chiras. This guide starts by outlining the likely impacts of fossil fuel shortages and some basic facts about energy. It then discusses energy conservation to slash energy bills and prepare for renewable energy options. Focusing on specific strategies needed to replace specific fuels, the book examines each option available to homeowners. More… | Dan Chiras EcoSpeakers Info >>

Making a Living While Making a Difference
By Melissa Everett. As business and society continue to place greater emphasis on social and environmental responsibility, opportunities for career-seekers with a conscience have never been better. More… | Melissa Everett EcoSpeakers Info >>

Marketing Green Building Services: Strategies for Success
By Jerry Yudelson. Presents the information key decision-makers need to respond to the fast-growing market for green buildings, design and construction services and products. The book systematically examines the important market segments for green buildings. It also presents key business case justifications for green buildings that help architects, engineers and builders to understand client motivations and respond to them with appropriate marketing tactics and communications strategies. Includes information that will help manufacturers and product sales teams to craft appropriate marketing strategies. More… | Jerry Yudelson EcoSpeakers Info >>

Marketing Green Buildings
By Jerry Yudelson. Covers tools and techniques from conventional marketing that can be used effectively in marketing green buildings, the size and potential of the green buildings market, and how a firm should position itself to succeed. Includes clear descriptions of successful strategies and approaches to marketing and selling green building-related services, as well as up-to-date information on the role of LEED in green building projects. More... | Jerry Yudelson EcoSpeakers Info >>

The Natural House: A Complete Guide to Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Environmental Homes
By Dan Chiras. An overview of the pros and cons of fourteen natural building methods. Includes straw bale, rammed earth, cob, cordwood, adobe, earthbags, papercrete, and more. The common goal is to create a house that is economical, energy efficient, nontoxic, and pleasing. This comprehensive sourcebook offers in-depth information that will guide your choice of the materials and methods for building a sustainable natural home. More… | Dan Chiras EcoSpeakers Info >>

The New Ecological Home: Complete Guide to Green Building Options
By Dan Chiras. Provides an overview of green building techniques, materials, products, and technologies that are either currently available or will be in the near future. A wealth of up-to-date, practical information for homebuyers, owner-builders, and anyone interested in building for a sustainable future. More… | Dan Chiras EcoSpeakers Info >>

Saving Cities Saving Money
By John Hart. Cities and towns, large and small, can extend resources, improve environmental quality, and save money all at the same time. More…

The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling
By Dan Chiras. Explains in detail how today's homebuilders can succeed with solar designs. Now that energy efficiency measures including higher levels of insulation and multi-layered glazing have become standard, it is easier than ever before to create a comfortable and affordable passive solar house that will provide year-round comfort in any climate. More… | Dan Chiras EcoSpeakers Info >>

Stoneview: How to Build an Eco-friendly Little Guesthouse
By Rob Roy. Over 130 clear line drawings and step-by-step images provide the reader with all the information needed to build an octagonal cordwood masonry timber-framed guesthouse with a living roof from start to finish. A full-color section shows off the beautiful design features of this charming "green" cabin. More… | Rob Roy EcoSpeakers Info >>

Timber Framing for the Rest of Us: A Guide to Contemporary Post and Beam Construction
By Rob Roy. Describes the timber framing methods used by most contractors, farmers, and owner-builders, methods that use modern metal fasteners, special screws, and common sense building principles. Includes everything an owner-builder needs to know about building strong and beautiful structural frames from heavy timbers. More… | Rob Roy EcoSpeakers Info >>

Voluntary Simplicity
By Duane Elgin. When Voluntary Simplicity was first published in 1981, it quickly became recognized as a powerful and visionary work in the emerging dialogue over sustainable ways of living. More… | Duane Elgin EcoSpeakers Info >>

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