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EcoIQ Magazine is an online journal which includes features, opinion, news and events, resources, and reviews of interest to those working on solid waste and recycling issues.

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Art, Nature & Recycling (Winter 2001)
By Reena Kazmann

Whether you think of your household garbage or your local landfill, chances are good that what comes into your mindís eye is not a pretty picture. But thereís beauty to be found everywhere, and so its not really surprising that a growing number of talented and committed artists, designers, architects, and builders are converting old stuff that would have gone to landfills into a wide array of useful and beautiful products.

America Recycles More, Wastes More (Spring 2000)
By the GrassRoots Recycling Network

What goes into garbage cans is just the tip of a giant mountain of wasted resources, and while Americans are setting recycling records, product and packaging waste is also increasing steadily. These are among the key findings of a new study released in late March by the GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN).

Earth Day 2000: Launch of the Earth Day Network (Winter 1999)
By Denis Hayes

Earth Day Network will use cutting-edge information technology and traditional grassroots organizing to enlist half a billion people around the world to challenge the power of vested interests and protect the public interest.

Recycled Glass Applications Expand (Fall 1998)

Recycled glass (cullet), primarily used in the manufacture of new bottles and jars, is also being used in such unconventional secondary applications as the manufacture of fiberglass insulation, roadbed aggregate for the nation's highways, driving safety reflective beads and decorative tile.

Dissatisfaction Guaranteed (Spring 2001)
By Dave Wann

It's like going into a room and forgetting what you came for, except in this case it's the whole culture, forgetting. We forget to ask, "What's an economy for?" En route to a brand new American millennium, we got detoured. Price tags and bar codes began to coat the surfaces of our lives, as every single activity became a transaction. Eating, entertainment, socializing, health, even religion - all became marketable commodities.

From Wastes To Resources: Itís Time for a Paradigm Shift (Winter 2001)
By Richard Gertman

We need to return to the goal -- sensible diversion programs that recover materials and maintain their value. Resources should be recovered for their value, not just to keep them out of a landfill. We need to change the focus, but to do so will require a paradigm shift.

Promise Ahead: A Vision of Hope and Action for Humanityís Future (Summer 2000)
By Duane Elgin

How grown up do you think humanity is? When you look at human behavior around the world and then imagine our species as one individual, how old would that person be? A toddler? A teenager? A young adult? An elder?

Environmental Stewardship Vs. Economic Devel. (Winter 2000)
By Walter McGuire

In the long term, the economy and the environment are inextricably linked. Today's economy depends heavily on the availability and cost of resources. Yet, we have built an economy that values resource consumption rather than stewardship.

Coke's Broken Promise To Recycle (Fall 1999)
By The GrassRoots Recycling Network

Coca-Cola's Chairman and CEO M. Douglas Ivester is responsible for wasting billions of plastic Coke bottles every year, according to a nonprofit group in the first of a series of paid advertisements appearing on the Op Ed Page of the New York Times.

Urban Living in the New Millennium (Winter, 1999)
By Jerry T. Estruth

The leaders of our cities are struggling to build transportation systems and to create communities that are livable and provide an environment friendly to people and animals. Slowly, awareness is growing and methods are being developed to enable us to build self-sufficient places to live in the future.

Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization (2009)
By Lester Brown

In this updated edition of the landmark Plan B, Lester Brown outlines a survival strategy for our early twenty-first-century civilization. The scale and complexity of issues facing our fast-forward world have no precedent. With Plan A, business as usual, we have neglected these issues. In Plan B 3.0, Brown warns that the only effective response now is a World War II-type mobilization like that in the United States after the attack on Pearl Harbor. More…

Building An Economy for the Earth (Spring 2002)

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New Recycling Laws Update Published (Fall 2000)
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Online Commodities Exchange Opens (Spring 2000)

enCompass: Recycled-Content Building Products (Summer 1999)

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Going Local (Fall 1998)
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News Feeds & Summaries (2014)

Includes news feeds from the Environmental News Service and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Also links to the complete News & Events archive. More…

International Battery Recycling Congress (Spring 2002)

Institute Launched To Help Build Eco-Economy (Summer 2001)
Windy City To Buy More Green Power (Summer 2001)

Workshop on Pollution Prevention for Sustainable Cities (Spring 2001)
Federal Recycled Content Purchases Soar (Spring 2001)
Deconstruction Constructive for Environment (Spring 2001)

Take It Back! Coming Soon (Fall 1999)
USCM Launches New Conservation Initiative (Fall 1999)
First American Green Dream House Underway (Fall 1999)

Fourth Biomass Conference of the Americas (Summer 1999)

New Ways To Reduce Junk Mail (Spring 1999)
New Uses For Old Floppys (Spring 1999)
Bikeway Paved With Recycled Tires (Winter 1999)

Terrain: Journal On Built & Natural Environ. (Fall 1998)

Resources For Promoting Sustainability (2014)

Includes resources for conference and campus activity planners, for authors and environmental journalists, for educators, for nonprofit leaders and organizations, and for political leaders and green advocates. More…

Investing for Sustainable Jobs (Winter 2002)
Recycling Market Development & Solid Waste Grants (Winter 2002)

Arkansas Recycling Grants (Summer 2001)
Low Interest Loans For Oregon (Summer 2001)

Recycling Grants In Tennessee (Winter 2001)

Investing for Sustainable Jobs (Fall 2000)
Grants Available In Minnesota (Fall 2000)

Recycling Market Development & Solid Waste Grants (Summer 2000)

Recycling Buildings Makes Eco-Sense (Spring 2000)
Recycling More Construction & Demolition Wastes (Spring 2000)
Funding for Landfill Methane Projects (Spring 2000)

Biomass Energy Funding Available (Winter 2000)

Oregon Small-Scale Energy Loan Program (Fall 1999)

Peanut Hotline (Spring 1999)
Free Compost, Mulch Video Available (Winter 1999)
Practical Waste Reduction Catalogue (Winter 1999)
Software On Building Products (Winter 1999)

Pay-As-You-Throw Goes Online (Fall 1998)

Conference & Campus Speakers On
Wastes & Recycling Here >>

Solid Waste & Recycling Home
Magazine On Solid Waste & Recycling
Directories For Solid Waste & Recycling

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