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  hat We Do. exists to support and promote a transition to sustainability. Our sites are approaching two million unique visitors annually from more than 100 countries. We provide media and educational products and services, and we focus on the strategies, tactics and tools needed by leaders, educators, and advocates for sustainability. If you would like to be involved – as a speaker, journalist, author, videographer, photographer, or webmaster - contact us here. Several great green ecodomains for sale here.

Environmental Speakers Bureau  

he Spoken & Written Word. includes more than 200 quality speakers EcoIQTV.comfor conferences, meetings, and campus events. It also provides a Guide to Greening Events (and related travel). The EcoSpeakers Bookstore offers the books of our speakers, including hundreds of enlightening and inspiring volumes and dozens of best sellers. You can support EcoSpeakers and our individual speakers by purchasing their books here. also includes an Online Article Center featuring  our speakers. also offers a collection of articles, interviews, and speech texts here. Finally, A Spirit For Our Time is the speaking site of EcoIQ founder Dennis Church.  

ideo & Audio Programs. offers a Speaker Video Center and EcoIQTV.coma Speaker Audio Center, and you can visit the EcoSpeakers YouTube channel here. provides a portal for video producers offering links to professionals, skills training, pre-production, production, and post-production services, funding, marketing, sales, duplication, distribution, and equipment here. We offer video production books here, DVDs here, video & TV links here and here, and audio & radio links here and here. provides a portal to online educational video programming useful for educational applications and professional development programs.

Sustainability Portal  

nline Resources. promotes the development and use of online resources. The EcoGateway is our portal to more than 5,000 web sites and pages, and it includes a Link Center, EcoIQ MagazineAnthologies, and Directories. EcoIQ Magazine is an online journal including features, opinion, news and events, resources and reviews. Many of our speakers have articles in EcoIQ Magazine. In addition, EcoSpeakers offers an extensive Portal to the websites of professional and business associations, governmental and educational programs, and nonprofit organizations across the full range of sustainability topics. EcoSpeakers also provides a listing of Resources For Authors & Journalists. Green domains for sale here.


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