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About twenty years ago, EcoIQ.com began significant efforts to promote link exchanges. Over the following 10 years, we exchanged reciprocal links with more than 1000 organizations and websites active at the time. (See our compilation of some of those links as of about 10 years ago here.)

We are no longer engaging in link exchanges. We still establish many links, but we do so for journalistic and educational purposes, and not for the purpose of soliciting a link back in return.

For the same reason that we still establish many links to websites, other organizations may find it beneficial for their own purposes to link to some part of one of EcoIQ’s websites (EcoIQ.com; EcoIQTV.com; EcoSpeakers.com).

A variety of linking images and a few sample texts are available below. Feel free to use, or to alter to fit your particular needs. But please don’t link to us if your motive is to solicit a reciprocal link.

EcoIQ Linking Images

EcoIQ Magazine Linking Images

EcoGateway Linking Images

EcoSpeakers Linking Images & Text

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