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This section of EcoIQ Magazine includes opinion articles by the Magazine’s publisher and editor Dennis Church, listed a linked just below. It also includes articles written by others addressing what should be done, what the top priorities should be, and opinions about which approaches are most likely to be successful.

Opinion articles from the 14 previously published quarterly issues are linked below (and from the opinion archive page accessible below).

Opinion Articles From The Publisher

Living Beyond Our Means
By Dennis Church, EcoIQ Magazine Editor & Publisher

The idea that we humans may be growing beyond – or overshooting – the capacity of the natural resources we depend upon to sustain us has a long history. It has proven premature when previously asserted, but now appears increasingly realistic. More…

Opinion Articles From Quarterly Issues

A Global Marshall Plan to Fight Terrorism
Comment by Richard C. Bell and Michael Renner

Regardless of how successful we may be in the short run in tracking down the perpetrators of September 11. As Marshall's words so plainly suggest, finding the terrorists should be part of a much more ambitious campaign, one in which the rich countries approach the appalling inequities of the world with the same boldness and determination that the United States brought to bear in Europe in 1947 under the Marshall Plan. More...

Wind Power Capacity Jumps Almost One-Third In 2001

Wind Power: The Missing Link In The Bush Energy Plan
By Lester R. Brown

The eagerly awaited Bush energy plan released on May 17, 2001, disappointed many people because it largely overlooked the potential contribution of raising energy efficiency. It also overlooked the enormous potential of wind power, which is likely to add more to U.S. generating capacity over the next 20 years than coal. More...

Archived Opinion Articles

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