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Right To Know To Grow
Fulfilling Vice President Gore's 1998 Earth Day commitment to expand the public's right to know about toxic chemicals released into local communities, the EPA has proposed to increase public reporting of such releases by almost 25 percent.

Sprawl Causes Costly Tree Loss
A new study by the national conservation group American Forests documents a dramatic loss of tree cover in the southeast portion of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, including the greater Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.

What You Can't See Could Cost You
With home mortgage interest rates at their lowest percentages in years, many people are jumping into the housing market. But really look before you leap, say civil engineers, otherwise you may miss the warning signs of a costly structural problem that strikes more homes each year than floods, tornadoes or hurricanes.

Progress In Sustainable Forest Certification
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge has announced that his state is now home to the nation's largest certified forest. Citing global economic and environmental benefits, Gov. Ridge said that Pennsylvania's entire 2.1 million acres of state forest land have been certified as "well-managed" by an independent environmental review team.

Myths Impede Energy Savings
Four common energy myths cost homeowners, businesses and public agencies millions of dollars each year in utility costs. "These myths arose in 1940s and 1950s when energy was cheap and technologies were inefficient," said Utah Office of Energy Services Information Specialist Denise Beaudoin.

Brownfields Development A Success
"What you are doing for brownfields -- bringing business and communities together from the very start -- proves one of the basic tenets of all our efforts: through partnership we can protect both people and prosperity, our health and our economy." -- Excerpts from a speech by Carol Browner, EPA Administrator.

Environmental Applications For New Chemical Microtechnology
Chemical processing systems are undergoing a transformation - and a dramatic reduction in size - that may soon allow groundbreaking applications in biohazardous conditions, fuel-cell-powered automobiles, and waste treatment.


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