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Earth Day 2000: Launch of the Earth Day Network
By Denis Hayes
Earth Day Network will use cutting-edge information technology and traditional grassroots organizing to enlist half a billion people around the world to challenge the power of vested interests and protect the public interest.

A Powerful Tool for Sustainable Development
The 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act may be the most significant environmental legislation enacted by Congress in recent years, according to a new report by the Environmental Law Institute.

The Costs Of Auto Transportation High. . .
& Subsidized By Non-Drivers

A new report finds that total transportation-related costs average more than $10,500 per household, and that many costs of driving are born by all households, whether or not or no matter how little they drive.

Your Personal Smog Alert
Air quality information will be distributed using pagers in a test of an automated and personalized system for alerting people to unhealthful air. Likely users include coaches, teachers, joggers, parents, respiratory patients, and others.

Wind Energy Surges Forward
The largest wind turbines in the U.S. and North America -- reaching as high as 370 feet with rotors more than 216 feet in diameter -- are part of a surge in wind power's growth across the U.S.

Opportunities In Nonpoint Source Regulation
The recent outbreak of the dangerous Pfisteria microbe in the Chesapeake Bay area demonstrates not only the profound effect that agriculture can have on the health of waterbodies and the economies they sustain, but also the differences in how states respond.

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