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Video & TV Home | Edu Videos | Video By Topic | Video By Title carries video documentaries and video educational programs covering a wide range of topics related to creating a sustainable future. To facilitate browsing, we have displayed videosVisa MC for a few of the more popular topics below as well as from a comprehensive topic page available here. An alphabetical directory (by title) of all of the documentary and educational videos carries is here. Videos are made available through our affiliate relationship with

Architecture to Zucchini video.

Sustainability & Communities

Videos covering the principles and benefits of sustainability, how to better measure the ways economic success translates into improvements in society’s overall welfare, the relationships between energy and sustainable community development, and sustainable development in the Southern Hemisphere (including in Curitiba, Brazil and Africa). More information here.

Land Use & Smart Growth

Videos covering the development of the suburbs and the suburban sprawl of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, urban development, urban renewal and the costs it imposes, redevelopment and neighborhood deterioration, urban crowding, loss of historic structures, suburbia and oil depletion, community land trusts in action, the new urbanist movement, and other new approaches to urban planning. More information here.

The End of Suburbia video.
Global Warming video.

Global Warming & Air Quality

Videos covering global warming, the underlying science of climate change, global warming politics and possible solutions, acting locally to implement solutions, interviews with Al Gore, impacts of warming in Alaska and the polar regions, growth in wild fires, impacts on species extinctions, and draughts, floods, hurricanes, record temperatures and other extreme weather impacts. More information here.

Water & Wastewater

Videos covering water conservation (how-to with Ed Begley), onsite residential wastewater treatment (septic systems), dams (historic Hoover Dam construction and current operations), and natural waters including the rivers of North America (the Missouri River), the California coast (Big Sur, San Simeon and Monterey), and coral reefs with Jean-Michael Cousteau. More information here.

Big Sur video.
Energy Efficiency video.

Renewable Energy & Fossil Fuels

Videos covering energy efficiency and alternative energy, including solar energy and ethanol production, as well as fuel cells and advanced batteries. Also covers peak oil, the science of energy and electricity, and the history of energy technology and development, including electricity, hydroelectric generation, oil, nuclear power, and collections of historic footage. More information here.

Green Design & Building

Videos cover homes that incorporate passive solar design, energy conservation, environmentally low impact materials and concern for indoor air quality as well as covering sustainable (LEED Platinum) high performance commercial building. Other videos focus on various alternative residential building methods and materials including straw bale, adobe, papercrete, and cob. More information here.

A Sampler of Alternative Homes video.
Who Killed the Electric Car video.

Transportation Alternatives

Videos include the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?” as well as historical documentaries on the old interurban railway systems. They also cover electric and hybrid automotive technology, fuel cells and advanced batteries, advanced zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, ethanol vehicles, and Hawaii as a possible model of a hydrogen economy. More information here.

Food, Agriculture & Fiber

Videos cover sustainable agricultural practices, resource intensive agriculture (heavy use of fuels and chemicals), the environmental and health benefits of a diet long on vegetables and short on meat, vegetarian and vegan cooking instruction, organic food buying, gardening, and cooking, and health and environmental issues related to biotechnology and food. More information here.

Good Food, Good Business video.
Amazon video.

Forests & Forestry

Videos cover the history of logging, small scale low impact forestry, threats to forests and forest ecosystems, the struggle to save forests, tropical and temperate rainforest ecosystems, forest wildlife, and America’s National Forests, beginning with their history and including videos of such individual forests and parks as Yellowstone, Yosemite, Seqouia, and Kings Canyon. More information here.

Recycling & Solid Waste

Videos covering the pollution prevention and resource conservation benefits of recycling, the toxic impacts of e-waste and what consumers can do, the sights and sounds of landfill garbage disposal, trash collection, a scrap yard, a green waste site, and a recycling facility, the demolition of major structures, recycling steel from ships, and dumpster divers or “freegans.” More information here.

Trashed video.
Toxic Mold video.

Toxic & Hazardous Materials

Videos cover toxics such as lead and mercury in e-waste, mercury contaminated fish, toxic household mold, HAZMAT transport and spill response training, toxic train accidents, asbestos mining health impacts in Libby, Montana, an underground nuclear waste plume from the Hanford nuclear facility threatening the Columbia River, and nuclear waste dangers at Rocky Flats, Colorado. More information here.

Urban Greening

Videos cover home gardening how-tos, home garden design and renovation, residential landscaping, descriptions of flower, plant and tree choices, how to care for trees, shrubs and evergreens, medicinal herbs and tonics, a humorous but thoughtful look at our obsession with lawns and the impacts that has on our environment, and urban nature adventure for kids. More information here.

Gimme Green video.
Faces of Earth video.

The Natural World

Videos cover birds, insects, mammals, the ocean environment (including coasts, reefs, tides and currents, the deep ocean, and ocean life), cave environments, arctic and polar environments, national parks (including the history of our national parks as well as programs on specific national parks), natural history, and geology (including humans having geological impacts). More information here.

Green Videos For Kids

Videos focus on concepts such as understanding our planet as an interconnected living system, on understanding how nature works (ecosystems, weather, seasons, geology, the water cycle), on appreciation of the beauty and majesty of living creatures and habitats, and on seeing how our environment is threatened and some of the possible solutions (renewable energy, recycling). More information here.

Garbage and Recycling video.

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