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"" Amazon (IMAX). (DVD) The Amazon is the biggest river on Earth. Only little of plant and animal life along its banks is known to man. And there are many secrets known to the tribe shamans of which we never heard. Explore the mysterious Amazon through the amazing IMAX experience and celebrate the beauty, vitality, and wonder of this magical rainforest, which is disappearing at an alarming rate. 39 min. More...
Amazon (IMAX) DVD video.

"" Really Wild Animals - Totally Tropical Rain Forest (National Geographic). (DVD) Take a totally tropical trip to the rain forest and meet spotted jaguars, colorful poison-arrow frogs, slow-moving sloths, and loud-mouthed howler monkeys - all captured by the world's finest filmmakers. 40 min. More...
Really Wild Animals (National Geographic) DVD video.

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"" Costa Rica. (DVD) Descend into the mists of Costa Rica's cloud forest. Feel the swirling moisture nourish this lush ecosystem as a surround sound symphony of life fills the room. More... (HD)

"" Olympic Rainforest. (DVD) Explore the rich verdant beauty of the wettest spot in North America. Enjoy the first jewel drops of dew dangling on fern fronds and refreshing mists of cascading waterfalls. Watch salmon spawn in streams that flow through one of the most beautiful, temperate rainforest valleys on Earth. 60 min. More... (HD)

"" Rain Forest: Heroes of the High Frontier (National Geographic). (VHS) Follow several nimble explorers into the upper reaches of the rain-forest canopy, where more than half of the Earth's species sprout, hatch, or wriggle their way into the world. 60 min. More...

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