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"" A Different Kind Of Grocery - 60 Minutes. (DVD) John Mackey, founder of the Whole Foods, believes you are what you eat, and judging by the success of his 184-store chain, shoppers agree. Now Mackey wants to go beyond high-quality and organic foods, and soon will be offering meat from animals who were treated humanely during their lives. 13 min. More...
A Different Kind Of Grocery (60 Minutes) DVD video.

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"" Gardening Nature's Way: Organic Gardening. (VHS) Approach gardening with the back to basics knowledge that is guaranteed to keep you and your garden healthier without using chemicals, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers. This comprehensive video guide shows you step-by-step proceedures for creating and maintaining your gardens. More...

"" Good Food, Good Business. (DVD) Current thinking on organic and local food business. Models for growers, CSAs, restaurants and grocers. For educators, farms, ag organizations, chefs and government agencies. 26 min. More...

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