Purchasing Resale Rights

A full inventory of clips for which resale rights are available for licensing, organized by type of right we possess, is presented on the pages linked below.

  • Copyright Owner. Includes clips we shot ourselves specifically for stock. These clips were not created for clients. alone owns the copyright, and the rights as a result are without qualification available to license for resale as stock. Details here>>>

  • Licensed In Perpetuity From High Plains Films. This license includes the non-exclusive right to edit, telecast, rerun, reproduce, use, license, distribute and otherwise exploit for television news broadcast and other productions. This includes the right to license for resale as stock. License documentation is complete. Details here>>>

  • Licensed From Republic of Georgia Videographer. The rights to resell were purchased, and those rights may be resold to a third party. Purchase documentation is, however, incomplete. Details here>>>

  • Public Domain Clips. Older or archival clip groups that we believe are in the public domain are also available for resale. Because we have no underlying rights ownership, this is not a licensing of clips rights as such. What is licensed for resale here is the product of our assembly and digitization of these clips. Details here>>>

  • Bartered Resale Rights. The rights to resell some clips were secured by barter for other clips owned by These rights include the right to license these clips for resale. Details here>>>

  • Defacto Resale Rights. The clips displayed in this category were all taken by a single videographer and supplied to under an agreement in which that videographer received a share of the proceeds of sales. We lost contact with him several years ago. Continued sale of these clips would require a willingness to compensate the videographer or his heirs in the (we believe) fairly unlikely event that he would restore contact and request payment. Details here>>>

  • Mixed Rights Groups. Some clip groups include clips from more than one of the above described rights types (copyright owned, resale rights purchased, bartered, etc.). In some cases, clips are included that are in categories for which no rights are included in the sale of Details here>>>

  • Posted On But No Resale Rights Available. The clip groups listed below are currently displayed on but not available for resale as stock clips. They are listed on this page to provide an easy confirming reference. If you see a group and wonder if it may not be available for resale, checking on this page will allow confirmation. Details here>>>

A purchaser of resale rights will receive a thumb drive containing all the clips for which such rights have been purchased. Clips will be delivered as 720X480 broadcast quality QuickTime videos (Codec: DV/DVCPRO - NTSC, Integer [Big Endian], Timecode; Framerate 29.97 frames per second, interlaced; Frames may be repeated if the source tape had a different frame rate.)

Contact Us To Discuss

To begin discussion of purchasing the rights to resell footage from, call 408-865-0888 AND email Given the sometimes unreliable nature of email, voicemail, and cell phones, please both email and call if you want to discuss purchasing resale rights.

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