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While many of’s stock footage clips will continue to be available in small groups and/or individually (as displayed here and explained here), most are now also available in large and deeply discounted packages. Clips available in discounted packages have a total running time of more than 22 hours, and about 5,000 individual clips are included.

Our large packages of clips are a huge bargain. We are offering packages at prices averaging less than $1 per clip. Our individual clips are priced at $19.95 each, and clips in small groups generally cost from $5 to $15 per clip. Large clip packages range from as few as 110 clips to as many as 1,394 clips, and prices range from as little as 46 cents per clip to as much as $1.68 per clip.

Our footage is 4:3 SD, but it should still be part of your clips library for two reasons. First, it includes footage that will NEVER be shot 16:9 HD. That includes very old archival and historic footage as well as more recent but still historic environmental programs that cannot be shot in HD because they are no longer operating. Second, other clips that could in theory be acquired 16:9 HD are in practice impossible to find as stock or prohibitively difficult, time consuming, or expensive to shoot.

Most of our 4:3 clips can be easily cropped to 16:9 and incorporated in any project. Older historic footage is accepted by viewers because it is obvious that it is very old. Newer clips are often pretty sharp and can be cropped and incorporated in many projects at satisfactory quality levels.

The packages we are offering are presented in the topic categories below. Each of these topic links incorporates detailed information, including complete video previews.

Cities, Communities & Development
Energy, Conservation & Renewables
Transportation & Communication
Mining & Metals
Farming, Ranching, Food & Fiber

Forestry & Forest Products
Water Resources
Air Quality & Global Warming
Solid Waste, Recycling & Reuse
The Natural Environment (Land & Air)

From the links above, prospective purchasers may view all the clips (using the “Comprehensive” links) or view highlights for a less time-consuming process (using the “Highlights” links).

Rights Available

Your royalty-free rights to use our stock footage clips are described here. You may also purchase the right to resell our clips as stock footage, and that option is described here.

Making A Purchase

For details on payment and shipping, or if you have questions, click here.

Package Sales Hm | Purchasing | Usage Rights

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