Staying Healthy in a Risky Environment Staying Healthy in a Risky Environment
How to Identify, Prevent or Minimize Environmental Risks to Your Health


Arthur C. Upton & Eden Graber
Format: Hard Cover
Length: 811 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 0671768158
Copyright: 1993

This informative guide, written by experts from the New York Medical Center’s Norton Nelson Institute of Environmental Medicine, can help you understand the connections between the environment and your health. Includes the latest medical information on chemical, biological, physical, and ecological risks. It is organized in five major sections: environmental health basics; the environment’s effects on the body; twenty common symptoms of exposure to toxic environmental agents; the sources of environmental health hazards; and prevention and environmental action.

About the Editors

Arthur C. Upton, M.D., Medical Editor, is the former Director of the Norton Nelson Institute of Environmental Medicine at New York University Medical Center. He was assisted by a distinguished editorial board, an external board of advisors, and peer reviewers from the health and science professions.

Eden Graber, M.S., Editor, is a medical journalist. The former Associate Director of the Office of Public Affairs of New York University Medical Center, she is President of Graber Productions, a book-producing company.

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