Orbit Orbit
NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth


Jay Apt, Michael Helfert, Justin Wilkinson
Format: Hard Cover
Length: 223 pages
Publisher: National Geographic Society
ISBN: 0792237145
Copyright: 1996

For the first time ever, readers can view our Earth as if actually looking through the shuttle window. Orbit offers unprecedented access to spectacular NASA space photography. It contains natural color photos shot by astronaut Jay Apt and fellow astronauts with hand-held cameras from inside the low-flying shuttle.

Orbit allows the reader unique views of home: Cape Cod arching into the Atlantic, Mount Everest casting its shadow over lesser peaks, the sands of the Sahara arrayed in endless patterns. Like any travelers, these voyagers in space have aimed their cameras at sights that startled their eyes. They have flown through the aurora and captured its rippling, mystic colors. They have looked down upon storms and volcanoes. And they have documented the human imprint upon the Earth: the scarred forests, the topsoil washing into the sea. As these matchless photos show, we now keep a vigil over our Earth, a vigil that will help us preserve this realm of fragile beauty. Includes more than 170 color photos and maps.


“This book provides a very real sense of the wonder and majesty that astronauts experience as they gaze upon our world from above.”
-- Senator John Glenn, the first American to orbit and photograph the Earth

“A magnificent testament to what we see and feel from space: Earth so splendid, Earth so fragile.”
-- Frank Borman, Commander of Apollo 8, the first mission to orbit the Moon

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