Ocean’s End Ocean’s End


Colin Woodard
Format: Hard Cover
Length: 300 pages
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465015700
Copyright: 2000

In this landmark call to action, Colin Woodard confronts one of the major environmental problems of our time: the fate of the oceans. Once thought to be limitless reservoirs constantly renewing themselves, the oceans are in fact bounded seas that lie within our power to kill – and as Woodard convincingly shows, we are killing them, through pollution, harmful fishing practices, ignorance, and global warming. A comprehensive, eyewitness view of how and why the oceans are in trouble, Woodard's book covers all the aspects of this complex subject – not just the collapse of the fisheries, but also the deaths of coral reefs, the effects of sea-level rise, and the creation (through pollution) of massive dead zones, including the entire Black Sea and much of the Gulf of Mexico.


“Colin Woodward has given us the first global view of what could well be the most important environmental issue of the coming century. Addressing the crisis of the oceans is not about saving the world – it’s about saving ourselves.”
-- Timothy E. Wirth, President, United Nations Foundation

“A fascinating odyssey of revelation about imperiled seas, and trenchant required reading for any citizen of the Ocean Planet.”
-- Thomas E. Lovejoy, Counselor to the Secretary, Smithsonian Institution

“This is a terrifying book because it makes concrete what we’ve all suspected – human activity is transforming marine flora and fauna on a catastrophic scale. Read this book, pass it on to others and then start demanding change of our destructive rampage against the birthplace of all life.”
-- David T. Suzuki, author of Genethics

About the Author

Colin Woodward, a journalist specializing in global affairs, is a regular contributor to The Christian Science Monitor, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists and The Chronicle of Higher Education. He lives in Maine and Washington, D.C.

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