Lead Is a Silent Hazard Lead Is a Silent Hazard


Richard M. Stapleton
Format: Soft Cover
Length: 224 pages
Publisher: Walker & Co
ISBN: 0802774490
Copyright: 1994

You can’t see lead, smell it, or taste it, but it’s everywhere: in water, food, soil, paint, and many other sources; in rural areas and cities; in the wealthiest neighborhoods and the poorest. Almost 75 percent of all homes in America contain lead paint. The EPA estimates that one of every ten preschoolers suffers from some form of lead poisoning, with the results ranging from mild retardation to major brain damage, developmental problems and physical defects. Even low levels of lead exposure among children under six can diminish intelligence and cause behavioral problems.

Lead Is a Silent Hazard is your guide to lead-proofing your home and child's environment. Using real life stories and interviews with medical and health experts, this book explains how you can avoid or eliminate the many sources of lead your child may encounter.


“This book brings home to every parent the reality – and needless tragedy – of lead poisoning. Its practical advice should be required reading for parents of preschoolers and anyone buying or renting an older home or apartment.”
-- Don Ryan, Executive Director, Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning

“Lead is the most critical environmental health problem that faces our children today. Lead Is a Silent Hazard will serve as a critical resource for parents.”
-- Bill Bradley, former U.S. Senator

About the Author

Richard Stapleton is a former environmental writer and producer for CBS News.

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