In Earth's Company In Earth’s Company
Business, Environment, and the Challenge of Sustainability


Carl Frankel
Format: Soft Cover
Length: 240 pages
Publisher: New Society
ISBN: 0865713804
Copyright: 1998

In recent years, people have looked more and more to the business world to take its share of responsibility for the fast-deteriorating state of the Earth. But exactly how businesses should go about this task has remained something of a puzzle. Now, with In Earth's Company: Business, Environment, and the Challenge of Sustainability, well-known business and environment writer Carl Frankel deftly gathers the pieces of the puzzle together into a single, comprehensive volume.

Frankel describes the history and meaning of the term 'sustainable development' as the effective balancing of economic growth, environmental protection, and social equity, and outlines key contributors to the concept - such as the Green consumer movement, the Brundtland Report, and the Earth Summit. He analyzes how corporations have attempted to integrate environmental concerns into their operations through public environmental reporting, ISO 14000, and Total Quality Management. He also evaluates current corporate trends such as zero waste and multi-stakeholder partnerships. Critical of current techniques for measuring environmental performance, Frankel discusses emerging corporate strategies for improving the business record on the environment and for making the entire industrial system more sustainable. These strategies include 'Factor 10,' industrial ecology, The Natural Step, and environmental accounting. Concluding that the business record to date regarding sustainability is at best uneven, Frankel calls for greater emphasis on collaboration, process and quality in all dimensions of business practice.

Lucid and authoritative, In Earth's Company offers provocative guidance and an intriguing glimpse into an area of key importance for the future. It will be of equal interest to business executives, environmentalists, and ordinary citizens concerned about the state of the Earth.


"Carl Frankel has produced a challenging thought-piece which weaves the many facets of the business/sustainability prism into an integrated system of light appealing to both the head and the heart." - Beth Beloff, Director, Institute for Corporate Environmental Management

About the Author

Carl Frankel is a writer, journalist, consultant, and one of North America's leading authorities on business and sustainable development. He is currently US editor for Tomorrow Magazine, an environmental-business magazine; a contributing editor to The Green Business Letter, a trade newsletter; and a member of the editorial advisory board of Yes! The Journal of Positive Futures. From 1990 to 1994, he was editor and publisher of Green MarketAlert, which tracked corporate environmentalism, environmental marketing and other green business strategies. Frankel's articles on business and the environment have appeared in a broad array of magazines, and he has contributed to several books on environmental management. A member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, Frankel is a graduate of Princeton University (1970) and the Columbia University School of Law (1974).

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