Frontiers of Sustainability Frontiers of Sustainability
Environmentally Sound Agriculture, Forestry, Transportation, and Power Production


Roger Dower, Daryl Ditz, et al
Format: Soft Cover
Length: 381 pages
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 1559635460
Copyright: 1997

The United States is the world's biggest consumer of natural resources and its biggest polluter. With the U.S. economy expected to grow by 25 percent in the next decade alone, the costs to Americans – and to everyone else in the world – will increase substantially if we do not find a way to live and work sustainably.

Building on the recommendations of the President's Council for Sustainable Development, researchers at the World Resources Institute have developed a feasible and concrete plan for achieving sustainable development in the United States. Frontiers of Sustainability presents the first practical vision of a sustainable future for the United States and the steps needed to get there.

Authors examine the environmental performance and trends in four key economic sectors: agriculture, electricity generation, transportation, and pulp and paper manufacturing. They map out and explore the implications of potentially dangerous trends and developments, and detail methods for reducing or managing emergent threats. Each chapter sets forth a technologically feasible vision of the future in which the unwanted trends we see unfolding now are reversed.

Frontiers of Sustainability presents an adaptable formula for moving the United States toward a future that ensures generations to come a healthy stock of environmental and natural resource assets. The authors' realistic and workable plan focuses on what Americans really care about, connects with virtues that Americans already profess, and, unlike most discussions of sustainable development, emphasizes the "how" as much as the "why."


“Sustainable development is one thing everyone is for, few can define, and even fewer can offer a plan to achieve. This volume fills an important gap. It offers a creative vision of four sustainable futures – in agriculture, forestry, electrical power, and transportation – along with specific steps for realizing those futures. Anyone who wants to move beyond the rhetoric and explore how the United States might actually secure a more sustainable environment will find this book a thoughtful, stimulating, and pragmatic guide.”
-- Henry Lee, Director, Environment and Natural Resources Program, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

About the Authors

Roger Dower is director of the Climate, Energy, and Pollution Program at the World Resources Institute (WRI), and was director of WRI's U.S. Sustainability Project from which this volume is derived.

Authors of the sector reports are all with WRI: Daryl Ditz is associate in the Technology Program; Nels Johnson is senior associate in the Biological Resources and Institutions Program; Paul Faeth is senior associate in the Program in Population and Economics; and Keith Kozloff and James J. MacKenzie are senior associates in the Climate, Energy, and Pollution Program.

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