Eco-City Dimensions Eco-City Dimensions
Healthy Communities, Healthy Planet


Mark Roseland
Format: Soft Cover
Length: 224 pages
Publisher: New Society
ISBN: 0865713537
Copyright: 1997

Eco-City Dimensions demonstrates that movement is definitely under way toward implementing the vision of eco-cities, and that citizen organizations and municipal officials around the world are initiating creative solutions to harsh social and environmental challenges. Eco-City Dimensions honors the crucial role that cities play in planetary health, while presenting a variety of inspiring proposals for improving communities to meet the challenge of sustainability.

Many critical global environmental concerns are rooted at the local level, in the cities in which most of us live. It follows that local communities may well offer the brightest promise for solving a variety of these pressing world-scale problems. In Eco-City Dimensions, more than a dozen contributors tackle issues of ecological economics and community design, collaborative housing and traffic restraint programs, governance and resource management, cross-cultural dynamics and community participation, indicators of success and overcoming barriers to change. With examples from the United States, Canada, northern Europe, Australia and New Zealand, these thought-provoking and stimulating essays reveal a wealth of wisdom and talent being brought to bear on securing a sustainable future for us all.

About the Editor

Mark Roseland is the author of the widely acclaimed Toward Sustainable Communities: A Resource Book for Municipal and Local Governments, directs the Community Economic Development Center at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, and teaches in the School of Resource and Environmental Studies. Contributors to the book include Nancy Skinner from Berkeley, Elizabeth Kline from Boston, Peter Newman from Australia, Melinda Laituri from New Zealand, and William Rees, Trevor Hancock and Robert Gibson from Canada.

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