Competitive Environmental Strategy Competitive Environmental Strategy
A Guide to the Changing Business Landscape


Andrew J. Hoffman
Format: Soft Cover
Length: 256 pages
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 1559637722
Copyright: 2000

Environmental concerns can greatly affect business success, regardless of whether a businessperson or corporation shares those concerns. Today's corporate managers must understand the power of environmental issues, and shift their mindset from one focused on environmental "management" to one focused on strategy.

Competitive Environmental Strategy examines the effects of environmentalism on corporate management, explaining how and why environmental forces are driving change and how business managers can think about environmental issues in a strategic way. The author discusses:

  • The evolving drivers of corporate environmental strategy, including regulators, shareholders, buyers and suppliers, insurers, investors, and consumers.
  • How environmentalism alters basic conceptions of competitive strategy and organizational design.
  • How external institutions create both opportunity and limitations for environmental strategy.
  • How environmental threats can be incorporated into risk management, capital acquisition, competitive position, and other management concerns.
The book ends with an overall discussion of competitive environmental strategy and draws connections to the emerging issue of sustainable development. Each chapter features insets that ask fundamental questions about the relationship between environmental protection and business strategy, and ends with a list of additional recommended readings. Every individual who wishes to engage in business management in the 21st century will need an appreciation for the implications of environmental issues on corporate activities, and vice-versa.

Competitive Environmental Strategy offers a valuable overview of the subject, and provides a wealth of real-world examples that demonstrate the validity and applicability of the concepts for business people, clearly showing how managers are turning an understanding of environmental issues to competitive advantage.


“Environmental issues are indeed a core business issue. In Competitive Environmental Strategy, Hoffman has written a powerful conceptual manual and eloquent illustration of the connection between business strategy and the environment. It would make an ideal text in the undergraduate or graduate business classroom.”
-- Donald P. Jacobs, Dean, Kellogg Graduate School of Management

“Competitive Environmental Strategy is more than just another book on this important subject. It builds on sound theory mixed with well-chosen cases and examples. Both business professionals and faculty will find many new ideas for hastening the day when the so-called triple bottom line becomes the standard, not the exception.”
-- John Ehrenfeld, Director, MIT Technology, Business and Environment Program

About the Author

Andrew J. Hoffman is professor of management at Boston University, and author of From Heresy to Dogma (Jossey-Bass, 1997) and editor of Global Climate Change (Jossey-Bass, 1998).

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