Collaborative Planning for Wetlands and Wildlife Collaborative Planning for Wetlands and Wildlife
Issues and Examples


Douglas R. Porter & David A. Salvesen
Format: Soft Cover
Length: 303 pages
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 1559632879
Copyright: 1995

Collaborative Planning for Wetlands and Wildlife builds on past experience to propose guidelines for more effective planning, and it presents numerous case studies that demonstrate how different communities have creatively reconciled problems between developers and environmentalists. Both the plans themselves and the experience gained in developing the plans offer valuable insights for other communities facing similar dilemmas.

This book answers questions asked by regulators, environmentalists, and developers who seek practical alternatives to the existing case-by-case permitting process, and it offers valuable lessons from past and ongoing area-wide planning efforts.


“This book shows the best way for saving endangered species, rare wildlife, rivers and estuaries while simultaneously easing burdens on developers. An important book, it illustrates the success stories, obstacles, and nuts and bolts of making conservation work for landowners.”
-- Tim Searchinger, Senior Attorney, Environmental Defense Fund

“Porter and Salvesen have admirably filled a critical gap by identifying people and organizations that have actually done the hard work of making and implementing ecosystem plans in more than a dozen areas across the United States. In the highly charged arena where environment meets development, nothing could be more timely and useful than the practical, on-the-ground experiences collected and analyzed in this highly useful book.”
-- James M. McElfish, Jr., Senior Attorney, Environmental Law Institute

About the Editors

Douglas R. Porter is president of the Growth Management Institute and a planning and development consultant in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

David A. Salvesen is an environmental writer and consultant based in Kensington, Maryland.

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