The Clock of the Long Now Clock of the Long Now


Stewart Brand
Format: Hard Cover
Length: 190 pages
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 046504512X
Copyright: 1999

Civilization is revving itself into a pathologically short attention span. This trend, which originates in the accelerating changes in technology, the short-term perspective of market-driven economics, the next-election priorities of democracies and the distractions of personal multi-tasking, is on the increase.

Using the Millennial Clock - a supremely slow computer that will keep perfect time for the next 10,000 years - as a paradigm for “the Long Now,” Stewart Brand offers a practical manual that introduces us to the concept of long-term responsibility. Brand has been called "the least recognized most influential thinker in America."


“The future is arriving more quickly than it used to, making foresight more important than ever. Stewart’s focus, as wonderfully insightful and epigrammatic as ever, is on how to promote truly long-term thinking and responsibility.”
-- William H. Calvin, Author of The Cerebral Code and How Brains Think

“In the 1960s. Mr. Brand was one of the first to see the power that pictures of the whole earth from space would have. How he hopes the vistas of deep time will have a similar impact on the way people think about culture and the world’s slow rhythms of change. Whether this happens or not, though, any record of serious attempts to deal with deep time will send one important message to the future: that the people of the early 21st century aspired to do more than just scribbling their names in the margins of eternity. They had something to say.”
-- The Economist

About the Author

Author of the highly acclaimed How Buildings Learn and winner of the American National Book Award for The Whole Earth Catalog, Stewart Brand is a founding member of the Long Now Foundation. He also co-founded the Global Business Network. Both organizations are dedicated to fostering “the art of the long view.”

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