Certification of Forest Products Certification of Forest Products
Issues and Perspectives


Virgilio Viana, Jamison Ervin, et al
Format: Soft Cover
Length: 271 pages
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 1559634944
Copyright: 1996

As public awareness of the problem of deforestation has grown, a variety of consumer-based approaches to addressing the issue have emerged. One of the most innovative of those is forest product certification. Products derived from forests that have been managed and harvested in a sustainable manner are certified as such, thus providing consumers with a direct means of addressing deforestation and creating a positive incentive for improving forest management practices around the world.

This volume presents an overview of the mechanics, background, and implications of voluntary certification programs. It features perspectives from all parties involved, from both southern and northern hemispheres, including the forest products industry, indigenous communities, academics, biologists, certifiers, policymakers, environmental activists, and retailers.

Among the topics considered are:

  • Development of market-based conservation initiatives.
  • Elements involved in certification.
  • Biological aspects of forest auditing.
  • Implications of forest product certification.
  • Importance of cooperation among all parties involved.

The book traces the history of certification, the development of an internationally agreed upon set of forest management principles, and the various certification programs currently underway. In addition to providing the most current information on the certification process itself, it includes a valuable discussion and analysis of the social and political context in which certification must function.

Throughout, contributors focus on providing tools to make better decisions, and on presenting solutions to real-world problems.

Certification of Forest Products brings clarity to a highly debated and poorly understood topic, and is an important work for anyone concerned with deforestation and the methods available for addressing it.


“This desperately needed book will undoubtedly emerge as the primer on understanding how and why certification can equate to good forest management. It will be a keeper for anyone interested in forestry, conservation, or certification.”
-- Daniel R. Katz, Executive Director, Rainforest Alliance

“Certification has developed from a concept to a rapidly developing international market force in only three years. Certification of Forest Products provides a state-of-the-art perspective on a fast-changing industry.”
-- Eric Bloomquist, CEO, Colonial Craft

About the Editors

Virgilio Viana is professor of tropical forestry at the University of Sao Paulo.

Jamison Ervin is the U.S. Coordinator for the Forest Stewardship Council.

Richard Donovan is director of the Rainforest Alliance's Smartwood Program.

Chris Elliot works for the World Wild Fund for Nature International in Switzerland.

Henry Gholz is professor of forest ecology at the University of Florida.

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