At Roads End At Roads End
Transportation and Land Use Choices for Communities


Daniel Carlson, Lisa Wormser & Cy Ulberg
Format: Soft Cover
Length: 182 pages
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 1559633387
Copyright: 1995

At Road's End presents new models for transportation planning, describes effective strategies for resolving community disputes, and offers inspiration by clearly demonstrating that new ways of planning and implementing transportation systems can work.

The book highlights case studies from around the country where:

  • Plans to build more freeways are being scrapped or modified by new coalitions of environmentalists, developers, and community leaders.
  • Progressive transportation planners and officials are redefining transportation corridors to include more than roads.
  • Communities are enhanced by bike paths, pedestrian ways, and reduced urban sprawl.


“Daniel Carlson’s first-rate At Road’s End chronicles an important new beginning – how citizens are planning roads that bind communities and anchor places. Packed with insights, information, history and social commentary, it’s a journey well worth the trip.”
-- Tony Hiss, author of The Experience of Place

“At Road’s End clearly documents the disastrous consequences the American way with traffic has had on our society and environment and the pivotal projects which led to change.”
-- Andreas M. Duany, architect and town planner

About the Authors

Daniel Carlson is a research consultant at the Institute for Public Policy and Management at the University of Washington.

Lisa Wormser was formerly the editor of the Surface Transportation Policy Project Bulletin and is presently the owner of Two Heads, a communications consulting firm.

Cy Ulberg is research associate professor at the University of Washington.

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