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Walks of California. By Gary Ferguson. For all who have longed to get off the beaten path and discover California's beauty, Walks of California shows the way. Here are 80 gentle journeys throughout California. More...
The War Against the Greens. By David Helvarg. A reign of violence and intimidation, including arson, bombings, rape, assault and even murder has been unleashed against environmentalists by proponents of the “Wise Use” movement. This expose rips the veneer off this right-wing backlash that stretches from armed militias to the halls of Congress, exposing the corporations and fringe groups who have set out to destroy America's environmental protections. “Helvarg demolishes the fiction that anti-environmentalism is a grassroots movement by demonstrating its massive corporate underpinnings,” writes Publishers Weekly. As Kindle | More... | David Helvarg EcoSpeakers Info >>
Water For Food, Water For Life: A Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture. By David Molden. Written by experts and including research from over 700 leading specialists, this book examines the cross-cutting issues of reducing poverty, reforming institutions for sustainable water management, avoiding or mitigating ecosystem impacts, and improving water productivity. It evaluates current thinking on water and its interplay with agriculture, and it charts the way forward with concrete actions. As Kindle | More...
Water Supply and Pollution Control. By Warren Viessman Jr. et al. For practicing engineers who need a good reference book and for those preparing to take the examination for licensing as a professional engineer, this book provides water-related environmental engineering from theory to practice. It presents the principles of water treatment, wastewater treatment, water reuse and water quality. More...
Watershed: The Undamming of America. By Elizabeth Grossman. Dams affect a river's ecosystem, throwing off the balance that fosters plant, insect and fish life. Grossman gives a national perspective to the current movement toward dam removal and reports on the complex and conflicting political and economic perspectives and pressures that drive or resist removal. Examines the implications of dam removal to America's rivers and their communities by exploring the stories of a number of places where dam removal and river restoration are now underway. This is a story of people and place, and of a vital turning point in the nation's relationship to its rivers. More...
Waterwise Gardening. By Lauren Springer. Waterwise Gardening features detailed descriptions and advice on growing more than 100 waterwise trees, shrubs and vines as well as recommendations for more than 340 others. More...
What Can I Do? An Alphabet For Living. By Lisa Harrow. Concern for the health of our planet led award-winning actress Lisa Harrow and her husband, internationally renowned whale biologist Roger Payne, to create the performance piece “Lessons from Copernicus.” Following performances of their show, audience members frequently asked “what can I do?” This book is Lisa's response. It provides an extensive annotated list of resources to help everyone explore the practices of sustainable living. The advice covers a broad array of subjects and focuses on reaping the economic and social benefits of going green. More… | Lisa Harrow EcoSpeakers Info >>
What We Learned In The Rainforest: Business Principles For The New Economy. By Bill Shireman and Tachi Kiuchi. Presents a surprising new business principle: By applying strategies and practices gleaned from nature, by emulating what it once sought to conquer, big business can attain greater and more sustainable profits. With clear, direct language and dozens of real-world examples, the authors show how a company can become, like nature, a complex living system that doesn't merely balance competing interests but truly integrates them. As Kindle | More... | Bill Shireman EcoSpeakers Info >> | Tachi Kiuchi EcoSpeakers Info >>
The Whispering Pond. By Ervin Laszlo. In this highly original and breath-takingly argued book, Laszlo produces a new view of the cosmos, an interconnected, all-embracing cosmos of which we are part. More...
Who Will Feed China? By Lester Brown. Discusses the consequences for the world's food supply of rapidly increasing prosperity in China and the "Tiger" economies of the Far East. Argues that the prospects of food production keeping pace with growing population and growing consumer demands for protein are not good. Explains how China's industrialization will lead to massive grain imports and rising food prices, and how China's rising food prices will become the world's rising food prices. Asserts that the major world challenge in the future will not be military aggression but food scarcity. More…
Wild Solutions: How Biodiversity is Money in the Bank. By Paul Ehrlich and Andrew Beattie. We are only beginning to understand that ecological health depends on the diversity of nature. Humans directly benefit from the services that millions of species provide, whether appreciated or not. To remove those species, the authors argue, is akin to squandering a carefully built and irreplaceable fortune. As Kindle | More… | Paul Ehrlich EcoSpeakers Info >>
The Wild Vegetarian Cookbook. By Steve Brill. Cooking found and gathered produce. Includes dozens of recipes using wild foods, and explains "what makes wild food special." For the vegetarian who is both health and environmentally conscious. More… | Steve Brill EcoSpeakers Info >>
Wild Weather. By Reese Halter. Weather can be wild and it is getting wilder. Global warming has been linked to myriad natural catastrophes, and race is on to change the way we interact with our planet. In the next decade, we will experience the greatest technological advancements ever witnessed, as we move beyond our reliance on fossil fuels and harvest the sun. More... | Reese Halter EcoSpeakers Info >>
Winning the Oil Endgame. By Jonathan Koomey, Amory B. Lovins, E. Kyle Datta et al. Describes a plan for reducing U.S. oil use by 50% by 2025 and ending foreign oil dependency. The plan is market-based and uses existing technology. Elements include more efficient oil and natural gas use, superefficient vehicles, and development of cellulostic ethanol. More… | Jonathan Koomey EcoSpeakers Info >>
The World Is In My Garden: A Journey Of Consciousness. By Chris Maser. Based on the simple premise that a private garden is a metaphor for everything, including the ecological, social, personal, and spiritual realms. Chris and Zane Maser develop the metaphor in a rich way. Chris is an environmental scientist and activist who has worked around the world to protect and preserve the world’s ecosystems. The Masers show us how to connect a simple personal act (the home garden) to larger issues. Written with passion, warmth, and deep understanding, it is a book that teaches us how to live a more balanced life. As Kindle | More… | Chris Maser EcoSpeakers Info >>

World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse.  By Lester Brown. In this urgent time, World on the Edge calls out the pivotal environmental issues and how to solve them now. Can we close coal-fired power plants fast enough to save the Greenland ice sheet and avoid catastrophic sea level rise? Can we raise water productivity fast enough to halt the depletion of aquifers and avoid water-driven food shortages? Can we cope with peak water and peak oil at the same time? Bringing decades of research and analysis into play, Brown provides the responses needed to reclaim our future. As Kindle | More…

World Without Borders. By Lester Brown. Provides an overview of major world problems and the growing need for peaceful coexistence among all nations. Published by Vintage Books in 1972. More...

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