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50 Ways to Save the Ocean. By David Helvarg. The oceans are so vast that it’s easy to feel powerless to protect them. 50 Ways focuses on practical, easily implemented actions to protect and conserve this vital resource. It addresses daily choices that affect the ocean's health: What fish should and should not be eaten; How and where to vacation; How to protect local water tables; How to support local marine education. It also looks at what can be done about toxic pollutant runoff, protecting wetlands and sanctuaries, stopping oil rigs off shore, saving reef environments, and replenishing fish reserves. As Kindle | More... | David Helvarg EcoSpeakers Info >>
Feeding the Ten Billion: Plants and Population Growth. By Lloyd T. Evans. Written to mark the 200th anniversary of the publication of Malthus' seminal Essay on the Principle of Population, this book looks at the links between population growth and agricultural innovation over the past 10,000 years. It illustrates how the evolution of agriculture has both shaped and been shaped by the course of world population growth, describes our present position, and explains possible future paths to food security for the planet. More...
Feeling the Heat: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Climate Change. Edited by Jim Motavalli. From the thawing Arctic to the rising shoreline of Manhattan, people are feeling the effects of global warming in ways hardly imagined a few years ago. For an increasing number, global warming is not a scientific debate but a matter of survival. As the planet warms, violent storms are increasing, icebergs are melting, sea level is rising, species are losing their habitats, and temperature records are being broken. Feeling the Heat reports on visits to "hot" spots where people are coping with climactic disruption. As Kindle | More... | Jim Motavalli EcoSpeakers Info >>
Fighting for Love in the Century of Extinction: How Passion and Politics Can Stop Global Warming. By Eban Goodstein. Focuses on our connections with all forms of life. Provides an overview of the current global warming crisis, and explores the question of whether the scale of mass extinction we are beginning to witness in the 21st century has more ominous implications for human welfare than it did in the 20th century. Argues that if we are to hold global heating to a manageable level, we must stabilize emissions of global warming pollutants and invest tens of billions of dollars every year in clean-energy technology. More... | Eban Goodstein EcoSpeakers Info >>
Flower Confidential: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful in the Business of Flowers. By Amy Stewart. Takes us inside the world of hybridizers, geneticists, farmers, and florists around the world who have worked to invent, manufacture, and sell flowers that are bigger, brighter, and sturdier than anything nature could provide. What has been gained and what has been lost in tinkering with Mother Nature? Should we care that some roses have lost their scent? Or that most flowers are sprayed with pesticides? As Kindle | More… | Amy Stewart EcoSpeakers Info >>
Forest Certification in Sustainable Development: Healing the Landscape. By Chris Maser and Walter Smith. Highlights the history, importance, and rewards of forest certification. Discusses the issues involved in mainstream forestry as it is currently practiced, and what can be done to create sustainable forestry. For example, Home Depot has committed to giving preference to selling "certified wood" proven to come from forests that meet certain sustainablility standards. Retailers and vendors can offer wood certified through the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and FSC accredited organizations. As Kindle | More… | Chris Maser EcoSpeakers Info >>
A Forest Journey: The Story of Wood and Civilization. By John Perlin. Offers a comprehensive history of the contributions that wood has made to the growth of civilization - as fuel, material for houses, ships and wagons, as support for digging mines and as molds for crafting other materials. Also covers the effects of deforestation on the development of civilization. Describes the deforestation of Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, the West Indies, and the United States by kings, warlords, and robber barons. As Kindle | More... | John Perlin EcoSpeakers Info >>
Forest Primeval: The Natural History of an Ancient Forest. By Chris Maser. This classic work traces an old-growth forest in Oregon's Cascade Mountains from its fiery birth in the year 987 to the present, when logging threatens it and its inhabitants. A unique "biography" of an ecosystem, Forest Primeval encompasses a thousand years of natural history and evolution. It portrays a diverse fabric of plants, animals, and microorganisms working in unison. Arguing that our survival is intertwined with the forests, it makes the case for the immediate global implementation of restoration forestry. More… | Chris Maser EcoSpeakers Info >>
Forest Products and Wood Science: An Introduction. By Jim L. Bowyer, Rubin Shmulsky, and John G. Haygreen. A completely revised and updated edition of this venerable classic. Expanding and updating key data, the new edition provides students, wood scientists, and product professionals with a comprehensive overview of the anatomical and physical nature of wood and the relationship of these characteristics to its uses. With updated research findings and expanded discussions of key areas in wood science that reflect the changing face of the forest products industry, this text will continue to be indispensable for both students and professionals. More… | Jim L. Bowyer EcoSpeakers Info >>
Forward Drive: The Race to Build "Clean" Cars for the Future. By Jim Motavalli. As more alternative-fuel cars from major automakers enter the market, "clean" cars are taking center stage. Forward Drive presents the fascinating story of the race to build greener cars – ones that can help address the problems that have accompanied the rise and spread of traditional gas-powered vehicles. The book traces the history of automobile development, including early attempts to create practical electric vehicles, and explores new technologies, especially gas/electric hybrid drives and hydrogen fuel cells. More… | Jim Motavalli EcoSpeakers Info >>
Fostering Sustainable Behavior: An Introduction to Community-Based Social Marketing. By Doug McKenzie-Mohr and William Smith. Social marketing identifies and overcomes barriers to long-lasting behavior change. This groundbreaking book on community-based social marketing is an invaluable guide for anyone involved in designing public education programs with the goal of promoting sustainable behavior, from recycling and energy efficiency, to alternative transportation. More... | Doug McKenzie-Mohr EcoSpeakers Info >>
The Four Seasons of Kansas. By Daniel Dancer and William Least Heat-Moon. In this beautiful volume, Dancer has assembled a portrait of Kansas in its many different lights… a sunflower field at dawn, a rural Main Street in the eerie, greenish light of a summer storm, a nighttime prairie fire, and a dusty stretch of prairie in the hot light of midday. In full-color photographs, he moves through the four seasons, capturing first the vast, spare grandeur of prairie and sky, then focusing closer, to illuminate the more intimate pieces of the landscape –the icy fur of a buffalo in winter, a gravestone nearly overgrown by prairie grass. More… | Daniel Dancer EcoSpeakers Info >>
Fragile Dominion. By Simon Levin. Our planet is losing its biological diversity, with frightening implications for our future. This important book draws on the science of complexity to shed light on maintaining biodiversity. More...
From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank. By Josh Tickell and Kaia Tickell. Details all aspects of running diesel engines on vegetable oil. Includes information on biodiesel, the diesel fuel substitute made from new or used vegetable oil, as well as information on running any diesel engine on straight vegetable oil. Packed with history, information, instructions, photos, diagrams and resources. More... | Josh Tickell EcoSpeakers Info >>

From the Ground Up: The Story of a First Garden. By Amy Stewart. A chronicle of the seedlings and weeds, cats and compost, worms and watering that transform a tiny plot of earth into a glorious garden. From planting the seeds her great-grandmother sends to battling snails, gophers, and aphids, Stewart takes us on a tour of her coastal garden and shares the lessons she's learned the hard way. From the Ground Up tells the story of a young woman’s determination to create a garden in which the plants struggle to live up to the gardener’s vision. As Kindle | More… | Amy Stewart EcoSpeakers Info >>

From Space to Earth: The Story of Solar Electricity. By John Perlin. This classic work tracks the evolution of photovoltaics – solar cells that convert the sun's energy directly into electricity. Perlin's painstaking research results in a fascinating account of the development of this technology, from its shaky nineteenth-century beginnings mired in scientific controversy to its high-visibility success in the space program, to its current position as a versatile and promising power source. For the lay reader, it provides background on a technology that may be our best energy option for the future. More... | John Perlin EcoSpeakers Info >>
Frontiers of Sustainability. By Roger Dower et al. A concrete plan for achieving sustainable development in the United States. A technologically feasible vision of the future in which the unwanted trends we see unfolding now are reversed. More...

Full House: Reassessing the Earth's Population Carrying Capacity. By Lester Brown. This book addresses the critical questions: How many people can the earth feed and at what consumption levels? Lester and Kane assert the world's farmers can no longer be counted on to feed the growing world population, and that balancing between people and food now depends on family planners. More…

Full Planet, Empty Plates: The New Geopolitics of Food Scarcity. By Lester Brown. With food scarcity driven by falling water tables, eroding soils, and rising temperatures, control of land and water is moving to center stage in the struggle for food security. The ability to grow food is a new form of geopolitical leverage – food is the new oil. What will the geopolitics of food look like in an era of scarcity and food nationalism? Brown outlines the political implications of land acquisitions in Africa and elsewhere by grain-importing countries as well as of our shrinking buffers against poor harvests. As Kindle | More…
Fundamentals of Air Pollution. By Daniel Vallero. A widely used textbook in the environmental science and engineering community, updated to include numerous MACTs (maximum achievable control technologies), such as secondary lead (Pb) smelting, petroleum refining, aerospace manufacturing, marine vessel loading, ship building, printing and publishing, elastomer production, offsite waste operations, and polyethylene terephthalate polymer and styrene-based thermoplastic polymers production. As Kindle | More...
Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes, Second Edition. By Aldo V. da Rosa. Explains the scientific and technological principles and processes that enable energy production from safe, renewable, clean sources. It gives readers all the background they need to gain a thorough understanding of the most popular types of renewable energy, including hydrogen, solar power, biomass, wind power, and hydropower. The latest advances in all these technologies are given particular attention, and they are carefully contextualized to help professionals and students grasp the "whys and hows" behind these breakthroughs. More...
Future Drive. By Daniel Sperling. Describes the adverse energy and environmental consequences of increased travel, and suggests strategies for creating a more environmentally benign system of transportation. As Kindle | More...

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