Acts of Balance Acts of Balance
Profits, People and Place


Grant Copeland
Format: Soft Cover
Length: 176 pages
Publisher: New Society
ISBN: 086571410X
Copyright: 2000

Can profits, people and place co-exist in harmony? Does conservation of nature necessarily mean a loss of jobs?

With globalization spreading relentlessly throughout the world, such questions become more and more urgent as ecosystems everywhere are stressed to the point of collapse. Acts of Balance deals head-on with this crisis by examining a number of case studies from different sectors of the Pacific Northwest and coming up with some surprising answers. For example, it explodes the 'spotted owl' myth - which predicted a massive loss of jobs following logging reductions designed to save the spotted owl - showing that employment and economic activity in fact increased. Similarly, the book shows that future job opportunities exist when local residents steward their resource base, not when non-locals have the power to plunder it.

Acts of Balance concludes that community-based development - centered on smaller, ecologically based economies - is more likely to ensure a high quality of life and environment, and calls for a concerted effort by government, industry and activists to redirect development accordingly.


"Grant Copeland is one of my eco-heroes. His call for an end to the perverse subsidies that are destroying the very things that give us life must be heard as we prepare to enter the Ecological Millennium."
-- David Suzuki, ecologist, author, and broadcaster

About the Author

Grant Copeland was an environmental and economic planning consultant in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. He worked for several levels of government, and for First Nations. He was a founding director of the Valhalla Society in British Columbia. Grant Copeland passed away in December 1999.

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