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EcoIQ uses Google AdWords to provide targeted online advertising to site visitors. Businesses, government agencies, organizations, and individuals can set up ad placement on EcoIQ.com using Google AdWords. A benefit of signing up with AdWords is that you will also be able to advertise throughout Google’s extensive network.

Using Google Adwords

If you are not enrolled in Google AdWords, you may learn more by visiting the Google AdWords homepage. You must create a Standard Edition account to target ads to our website. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please visit the Google AdWords Help Center.

Once you are enrolled in Google AdWords, to target your ads specifically to EcoIQ create a placement-targeted campaign here. (You can learn more background about placement-targeted campaigns here.)

EcoIQ Site Advertising

Google AdWords advertising is displayed in the EcoGateway, in EcoIQ Magazine, and elsewhere on the EcoIQ.com site. The EcoGateway connects to more than 10,000 web sites and pages, and it includes a Link Center, Anthologies, and Directories. EcoIQ Magazine is an online journal of environmental sustainability including features, opinion, news and events, resources and reviews.

EcoIQ.com is visited most often by government managers and elected officials, environmental professionals and advocates, development professionals and businesses, and professional land use and transportation planners. Visitors include federal, state and local government agencies, consulting firms, vendors, manufacturers, academic institutions, research labs, and nonprofits. Collectively, our site visitors make thousands of purchasing decisions related to facilities, equipment, materials, and services of all kinds.

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