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About EcoIQ.com

EcoIQ.com exists to support and promote a transition to sustainability. We provide media and educational products and services, and we focus on the strategies, tactics and tools needed by leaders, educators, and advocates working for sustainability.

Among our more significant projects are EcoSpeakers.com, the EcoIQ Magazine, and EcoIQTV.com. EcoSpeakers.com includes more than 180 quality speakers for conferences, meetings, and campus events. The EcoSpeakers Bookstore offers the books of our speakers, including hundreds of enlightening and inspiring volumes and dozens of best sellers. You can support EcoSpeakers and our individual speakers by purchasing their books here.

EcoIQ Magazine is an online journal including features, opinion, news and events, resources and reviews. Many of our speakers have articles in EcoIQ Magazine. EcoIQ.com also includes The EcoGateway. It is our portal to more than 5,000 web sites and pages, and it includes a Link Center, Anthologies, and Directories. EcoIQTV.com provides a portal to online educational and public affairs video programming covering all aspects of sustainability.

EcoIQ.com was founded by Dennis Church, and it is supported by professionals, advisors, and contributing editors. Most important, we are honored to promote the work of our 180 outstanding speakers.

More details about our work, the background of EcoIQ.com, and the people behind the website are available here.

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